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Crochet pattern question

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Redhead79 Sat 19-Sep-15 21:37:11

Hi, I've just started crochet and have taken on a fairly ambitious project for a complete beginner ... I'm a bit stuck with the patten instructions and am hoping someone here can help me...
the instructions say [2tr, 2ch, 2tr] into each stich with a marker. Now I get the 2trebble into the stich but I'm confused about the chain. Does this go back into my work or is lt left to make a space between the 2tr?
I hope this makes sense to someone!

Jinglebells99 Sat 19-Sep-15 21:44:11

Ooh I can answer this smile you are going to do all those stitches into the one stitch so treble, treble, two chain, treble, treble. It will make a space between the two sets of trebles.

BrianButterfield Sat 19-Sep-15 21:45:31

As jingle bells said - you'll end up with four stitches into the stitch, connected with two chains - a little fan stitch.

Jinglebells99 Sat 19-Sep-15 21:47:13

Maybe I didn't explain that very well. So yarn over hook, make a treble. Yarn over hook make a treble into the same stitch, chain two, yarn over hook, make a treble back into the same stitch, yarn over hook make another treble into the same stitch. What are you making?

DelphiniumBlue Sat 19-Sep-15 21:47:42

2 treble, 2 chain which will come out at a right angle at the top of the treble, then ,2 more treble. The chains act as a link between the 2 sets of trebles, at the top of your work.

Check you know what is meant by treble- it means something different in American as opposed to English. So if its an American pattern you need to do the American version of treble ( easy to Google).
Hope that helps, I'm no professional crocheter,and found the structure/ mechanics of how it all goes together really hard to get my head round!

BrianButterfield Sat 19-Sep-15 21:49:25

it will look like \\--// (with the chains at the top obviously).

Redhead79 Sat 19-Sep-15 22:44:49

Thank you, that's really helped.
I'm making a onesie for my new baby, due in November and think this is my form of nesting!

Jinglebells99 Sat 19-Sep-15 22:53:20

Aah lovely smile . Glad to be of help. I love crochet smile

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