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Sewing machine recommendations?

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Adarajames Sun 09-Nov-14 01:32:03

My dearly beloved machine i was given for my 25th birthday, far too any years ago to remember now, is on it's last legs �� it's been serviced but still not running properly, so my lively big sister is buying me a new one but looking for suggestions as to good quality and priced one. We make usual curtains / cushion covers, some clothing, I make costumes for various things I'm involved with. Doesn't need to be computer controlled all singing and dancing, but capable of good work, long lasting and robust (gets shared round family so does a bit if travelling!) anyone share any ideas? �� thanks

amarmai Mon 28-Sep-15 15:12:53

Sounds like you need one of the older, stronger simpler models . Old singers were great- better than the new ones . In fact that seems to be a theme for many makes. Apparently it's due to offshore manufacturing for greater profit according to my repair guy. Thing is, how do you know whether a 2nd hand machine hasn't already sewn enuf fabric to wrap around the world. If you find a good new model, please let us know.

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