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Dear MNers who can crochet - PLEASE HELP ME

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Jacksmania Fri 14-Dec-12 05:28:37

Dear crocheters,

I need your help.

My wonderful MIL who does so much for us and who never asks for anything has asked if I could crochet her a scarf.
She wants a white, loose-stitch, not bulky scarf.

I've bought yarn, but if it's the wrong kind, I can buy something different. I've got a US 6.5 crochet hook, and the yarn is acrylic, Medium 4.

I hope this makes sense, I'm in Canada so yarn and hooks might be designated differently in the UK.

I can do single and double crochet, have looked over some of the other basic stitches and I'm sure I'm capable of learning, I used to be quite neat and fast at crocheting when I was little.

What stitch should I do? She wants smething "with holes in", not bulky... that looks like it was crocheted.

Help. I want to make her something she loves.

I need to go to bed soon (8 hours behind you all) but I hope someone will take pity on me and have some suggestions.

Thank you all so much in advance thanks

<leaves wine and chocolate on sideboard>

DoesntTurkeyNSproutSoupDragOn Fri 14-Dec-12 07:59:22

You need Pidj to come along smile In the meantime, have a look on Ravelry.

TheWoollybacksWife Fri 14-Dec-12 11:37:53

Does this Papillon Scarf fit the bill? It uses just chain and US single and double crochet and looks nice and lacy.

It says to use a US 6 hook, so your 6.5 hook should be OK. I would give it a go with what you have.

craftynclothy Fri 14-Dec-12 11:46:12

This waves scarf is really nice. It needs a Fingering/4 ply yarn though (not sure which weights you use in Canada) and a 3.5mm hook.

Primrose123 Fri 14-Dec-12 11:49:48

This is a lovely pattern and very easy to do. I'm making a blanket for my DD with very heavy wool, but it would make a nice scarf in a lightweight wool. It's really easy, once you get used to it, you don't need to follow a pattern as each row is the same.

Primrose123 Fri 14-Dec-12 11:52:10

Forgot to say, the pattern I linked to is American, so when they say double crochet, it's a treble for us. smile

FireOverBethlehem Fri 14-Dec-12 11:52:58

This scarf grows really quickly because of the wool and may not show up mistakes so easily if your crochet is a bit rusty.

Primrose123 Fri 14-Dec-12 11:53:44

Ah, just seen that you're in Canada! I don't know if you use the same terminology as the Americans or British!

Skoggy Fri 14-Dec-12 12:57:44

Hi there!

You can make simple scarves just using double crochet (dc) with a chain in between each stitch. It gives a very open and loose end product. Most things using single crochet (sc) will be tigher. Medium 4 yarn is Worsted right? Using your 6.5 hook and dc will definitly give you a looser stitch. I made a Cowl for DD1 using this kind of repetative stitching and it came out great.

I recommend going to and browsing through their pattern dadabase. Also, there is which is an American run site with loads of very helpful ladies on there. You can find me on both under the same username I use on here. smile

Always happy to help.

Skoggy Fri 14-Dec-12 12:58:38

Oh for an edit button....

Ofcourse I meant database rather than dadabase grin

Jacksmania Fri 14-Dec-12 15:11:34

grin dadabase

Thank you all, will have a look once DS is at preschool.

Jacksmania Sat 15-Dec-12 00:24:44

Thanks to you wonderful ladies, I have five inches gone of a shell stitch scarf thanks x 100000000000

I hope she loves it <wibble>

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Sat 15-Dec-12 00:29:47

What they all said wink

Jacksmania Sat 15-Dec-12 01:06:55

Thanks Pidj! I just emailed a pic to MIL and she loves it.

I think I might feel confident enough now to help out with blankets and Wooly Hugs. smile

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Sat 15-Dec-12 03:43:09

Hurrah! New members for Team Hooker are always welcome

Jacksmania Sat 15-Dec-12 04:58:57

I'm not always consistently on MN. Some days I'm here lots, and then a few days or a week might go by. If you need squares or whatever, and the need comes up, could you let me know? Or is there somewhere I could sign up for emails/updates, or is there a running thread?

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Sat 15-Dec-12 07:40:34

Are you on facebook? A lot gets posted there (as well as here) but it'll come up in your feed instead of having to go looking. Come and find the Team Hooker thread in Arts and Crafts - we mostly chat about woolly stuff but blankets crop up when needed.

Mini hugs and angel hugs are needed on a rolling basis - for mini hugs, you can send squares or make a whole one yourself. If you do squares or angel hugs, there are yarn requirements; if you do a whole mini hug it just needs to be washable


PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Sat 15-Dec-12 07:52:55

Jacksmania Sat 15-Dec-12 19:12:03

I am on FB smile
What's the group called? Do I have to be invited or can I ask to join?

Jacksmania Sat 15-Dec-12 19:14:13

Oh, found it! Ok - will have a look and see how I can help smile

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Sat 15-Dec-12 21:36:04


Also for all the pictures smile

Primrose123 Sat 15-Dec-12 22:09:05

Jacksmania, can you post a picture for us?

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