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wool/ haberdashery shops in London

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LetThemEatCake Thu 08-Jul-10 18:57:12

in brief: Mum staying with me indefinitely. Three weeks in, driving me nuts. She needs a project. I need her to have a project. Friends re-runs (and the accompanying raucous laughter) driving me quietly insane.

Please. Help. Me.

Where are the wool and haberdashery shops in London to be found??

perhaps <<whispers>> even ones outside of London. A day trip in order, perhaps????

lindsell Thu 08-Jul-10 19:14:26

John Lewis on Oxford street - they have a good wool/sewing/crafty section lots of things there to keep her amused grin

Whereabouts in London are you?

tattycoram Thu 08-Jul-10 19:18:57

works a nice little wool shop not too far from you

John Lewis probably best bet for lots of choice tho

tattycoram Thu 08-Jul-10 19:20:26

The paddling pool in Brockwell park is great at the moment - you could combine a trip to the Sharp Knits with that. Otherwise just despatch her to JL

florenceuk Thu 08-Jul-10 19:24:16

Definitely John Lewis, Oxford St is the best. wool and fabric galore (do you have a sewing machine)? Plus Liberty has lots of Rowan wool and some really lovely fabrics - could she make you lots of lovely clothes? Liberty worth a visit anyway. I know some places selling cheaper Liberty fabrics as well in South London, if you are so inclined.

Also get her signed up to Ravelry on the internet - she will love it. She can surf to her heart's content. There is a crafty site called Whip up which is good to look at.

There is a lovely wool shop called Loop in Islington as well - but if she's at all like my mum she won't like all the trendy hand-dyed stuff, she'll be happy with plain wool and acrylic.

EldonAve Thu 08-Jul-10 19:29:19

There is a big Sewing and Craft Superstore in South London - nearest tube Tooting Bec

snickersnack Thu 08-Jul-10 23:22:47

Cheaper Liberty fabrics? Where?!

Sharp Works is lovely though I took my mother there who spent the whole time picking up wool and then saying "this is nice but OH MY GOODNESS HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE". It's a small shop...I haven't been back since.

Sewing and Craft store in Tooting/Balham good for all sorts of bits and I think there's a Hobbycraft in Croydon now. If she sews, put her on a train to Purley so she can visit The Wandering Line for lovely fabrics...

florenceuk Fri 09-Jul-10 09:36:45

This is the one I'm thinking of (not cheap, but cheaper...) shaukat.

And someone else recommended this place: in Battersea

Also Berwick st in Soho worth a browse.

She will catch the tail end of the wool sale in John Lewis at the moment - or there are loads of online retailers - what sort of project do you have in mind?

soccerwidow Fri 09-Jul-10 19:27:49

Goldhalk Road - The Shepherds Bush Market end & the market itself is the BEST place in London to buy cheap fabrics & even wool.

And only 5/10 min walk from Westfields wink

NotQuiteCockney Fri 09-Jul-10 19:32:10

There's Loop in Islington.

And there's a new great little place on Broadway Market with fabrics and so on, and Fabrications, which have some yarn.

SparkyMalarky Fri 09-Jul-10 19:32:41

Loop in Islington.

Definitely John Lewis or Liberty.

Mrs Moon's yarn and haberdashery shop in St Margarets was recommended on Jane Brocket's blog - 'tis supposedly gorgeous. Could be combined with a lovely day trip Richmond along the river?

SparkyMalarky Fri 09-Jul-10 19:33:29

X- posted NQC

onebatmother Fri 09-Jul-10 19:43:57

There's one on Kentish Town Road opp tube which is well worth a visit. Also there's a lovely wool shop in Cross Street off Upper St in Islington.

But agree that JL is haberdasher maximus.

onebatmother Fri 09-Jul-10 19:44:21

gah sorry x posts

LetThemEatCake Fri 09-Jul-10 22:37:13

ah, you lot are genius. Thanks a million.

tatty - lovely to see your name. Was just thinking of you the other day. You know I'll be scanning random mums at Brockwell now, don't you? wink

tattycoram Sat 10-Jul-10 17:39:06

Ha, I always look out for you at Peckham Pulse!

webchick Sun 11-Jul-10 21:50:12

Sharp Works has weird opening hours so call in advance.

Also, there's this little gem:

Lio Sun 11-Jul-10 21:55:14

Kentish Town has a lovely independent craftsy beady place opposite the tube station, sorry the name escapes me for the moment. Fabric, threads, jewellery-making stuff, kits. Delicate Stitches might be the name.

LetThemEatCake Mon 12-Jul-10 18:59:00

This is a big thank you to everyone from LTEC's Mum for the very helpful suggestions. Looking forward to exploring a lot of your leads.


Quiltingmama Wed 21-Jul-10 18:21:54

Definately iknit - I believe they have a licence for alcohol too , it sound slike you need a drink to cope...

sophia32 Mon 26-Jul-10 23:02:09

Message withdrawn

Scaredycat3000 Thu 29-Jul-10 14:25:51

The shop near Tooting bec is Wimbledon sewing machine, it's huge, they sell everything, fabric, haberdashery, wool, beads, stamps, etc. And (whispers) it's not a really trendy shop so you can buy stuff that's not in this season! here The sewing machine museum, and the Sari fabric shops a bit further up in Tooting could keep you really busy.
Fabrics galore is where I like to go for beautiful/fashionable fabric. here Defiantly worth going to before WSM if you can, small but packed shop, get the best and cheapest fabric, then all the other bits to complete the project at WSM.

DilysPrice Thu 29-Jul-10 14:32:50

Brixton Market has some good places for Asian/African fabrics - definitely a good place to explore if you're down South.

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