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lunavix Wed 10-Aug-05 15:17:29

I'm starting scrapbooking and cardmaking and I am wondering what adhesives to use.

I was thinking about using double sided tape to stick photos and similar shaped items onto card, but my main concerns are:

If I use card for my scrapbook, if I want to put a sheet of patterned paper over the top, how would I stick it so it doesn't look terrible?

Also what would I use for diecuts, beads, and other similar embellishments? I have lots of pretty things but no idea what to use!!


marne Wed 10-Aug-05 15:20:43

Prit stickis good for sticking card and photo's. Glue dots are very good for sticking too.

Dingle Wed 10-Aug-05 16:44:05

Not too confident when it come to scrapbooking, as glues would need to be archival quality. I used to have one of those zig, blue glue pens which was great.

For cardmaking I do tend to use a lot of D/S tape, 3-D foam pad and more recently I have started using a spray mount adhesive, that is great for sticking down mulberry paper without showing through!
I do still use quite a bit of PVA glue, but this is mainly for making up my own embellishments rather than actually glueing layers of card/paper.

jayzmummy Wed 10-Aug-05 16:45:18

For scrap booking you have to make sure you use acid free glue so it doesnt harm the photographs.

melissasmummy Fri 12-Aug-05 13:46:17

photo corners are excellent, they can be used to hold down anything & are usually acid free

lunavix Sun 21-Aug-05 20:05:27

If I wanted to stick half a sheet of 12 by 12 paper on a sheet of card, what would I use? Tape or glue?

and What about for heavy items?

I just bought some lovely metal squares with messages, how on earth shall I attach them?

I also have some metal charms, I'm imagining wire or cord...

jayzmummy Sun 21-Aug-05 23:24:10

How about a glue gun? Thats what I use to for heavier items.

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