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Crafty help plse, for a non crafty mum!

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unicorn Tue 09-Aug-05 07:36:04

I am not normally to be found on here as I am fairly useless at making things ... but dd and ds really want me to conjure up a train,a rocket,and, wait for this.... a tardis(!!!!) made out of usual household rubbish.

Anyone got any simple instructions or websites I can use to attempt to make these masterpieces?


MaloryTowers Tue 09-Aug-05 07:40:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Tue 09-Aug-05 10:18:45

rocket - tube container, cone made from card on top, add card "fins", glue silver paper all over it.

Tardis - right shaped box (tissue box?) cut door in the front, stick blue paper over it or paint.

Train - Thomas the tank engine type train or a modern one?

albert Tue 09-Aug-05 10:59:21

Ooh I love doing these things - DS thinks I'm mad!! I just save all empty boxes (cereal, toothpast, egg etc) have heaps of paints, glue, paper, string, foil and every so often we decide to build something. Or achievements include a giraffe, crocodile, articulated lorry, volcanno, house for sand monsters and umpteen other wierd things. Generally though I find that if the shape and colour is aproximately right then DS (5) is very happy about the result. I wouldn't worry too much about getting a replica tardis, just a general blue box will probably surfice Can you tell I always wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter?

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