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Kezabelle Sat 06-Aug-05 18:43:36

Hiya, I am fairly new to this forum and thought I would say Hi. I am really in to cardmaking, well am still learning really but loving it! Can anyone tell me how I can find the Gallery?
Thanks xx

PeachyClair Sat 06-Aug-05 19:19:06

Hiy Kazabelle

Not sure of the gallery address ( as mine are on there!), but welcome to the site, loads of friendly cardmakers here, lots of ideas too!

Whizzz Sat 06-Aug-05 19:38:22

Its best to use the Gallery thread and click on the link - the passwords are given (mumsnetters & netter if I remember correctly ! (mine are on there too !!)

original gallery Thread

jayzmummy Sat 06-Aug-05 20:07:22

Hi kezabelle and welcome to the gang

Kezabelle Sat 06-Aug-05 21:47:07

Hello ladies, thanks for the lovely welcome messages Will try the link out in a minute too, thanks!!!

champs Sun 07-Aug-05 16:33:57

hi and welcome!!

Kezabelle Sun 07-Aug-05 18:09:57

Hiya Champs

pootlepod Sun 07-Aug-05 18:16:40

hello and welcome.

Looking forward to chatting craftily with you. I have only been doing it for a few months too.

jayzmummy Mon 08-Aug-05 12:24:33

Kezabelle....Ive approved you as a member of the yahoo gallery....can you check that you can access and upload your piccies please. Would you just upload one and then I'l explain how to delete the full size image so you have more space.

cheekychops03 Mon 08-Aug-05 16:56:55

Hi Kezabelle
Welcome to the group. Watch out though, we're all a really bad influence on each other !

Dingle Mon 08-Aug-05 17:00:30

Whose a bad influence.....

Whizzz Mon 08-Aug-05 18:00:54

Dingle - you are a very bad influence - you made me buy stuff from Lakeland - TWICE !

cheekychops03 Mon 08-Aug-05 19:28:48

...And I'm sure you must have made me do some point......

cheekychops03 Mon 08-Aug-05 19:35:06

Here is a great example....I should have been taking a bit more notice of my ds in the garden rather than reading postings on here just now.....I have just discovered the sand from the sandpit is now all over the garden....and the cats....and the flowers....and the carpet...

Gotta go - need to do a lot of clearing before dh comes home to give the illusion of calm and organisation (I may be some time )

Kezabelle Wed 10-Aug-05 19:59:07

Aaww thanks for all the welcomes girls!

Jayzmummy have uploaded a pic into the Mumsnetters/catagories/female birthday section. Not sure if I have done it right as I realised that everyone has got folders but wasn't sure how to do that thanks for your help x

Kezabelle Wed 10-Aug-05 20:11:07

Oooh have added a folder for me in the individuals section now and added the pic to that too! Please tell me if I am doing anything wrong because I am sure there will be something ;)

jayzmummy Wed 10-Aug-05 20:51:17

Nice card K.

You need to delete the full size image now on both pictures as they take up to much space.

Click on your picture.
At the top of the picture you will see "Full Size" click on that.
then when picture comes up full size scroll right and at the top you will see "Delet Full Size Image" it.
It will say something like delete yes....dont worry your piccie will still be there.

Can you have a go and do this please?....any problems just shout.

Each time you add a new piccie you need to do this.


Kezabelle Wed 10-Aug-05 21:15:49

I think I have done it JM, please can you just check for me? Thanks xx

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