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Does anyone want to join in a thread where we show off our newest craft projects?

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fastasleep Fri 05-Aug-05 08:39:44

Just curious I just got a photosharing thingamy here cos I just wanted to boast and share my completed silly crafty things with the world... ( I don't understand it yet mind you!)

Just wondering if anyone else wants to share pictures of their stuff, I'd love to have a good nose...

Hausfrau Fri 05-Aug-05 08:52:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fastasleep Fri 05-Aug-05 09:59:52

Lol Hausfrau thanks honestly this post wasn't a big ego trip... I hope some people with things they want to show off come along!!

Yorkiegirl Fri 05-Aug-05 10:13:11

Message withdrawn

Hausfrau Fri 05-Aug-05 10:16:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fastasleep Fri 05-Aug-05 10:16:46

fastasleep Fri 05-Aug-05 10:17:52

Ooh origami, I used to do loads of that, my DS would eat it now... can be really tricky and time consuming... would love to see a piccie of your kimono (I think my Japanese friend showed me how to make one, wonder if it's the same design!)

layla Fri 05-Aug-05 10:18:34

Fastasleep it's really beautiful.What alovely idea to send a bit of sunshine.

Dingle Fri 05-Aug-05 10:21:48

I think most of us could do with a few rays of sunshine right now!It's still pouring down here!

It's beatiful fastasleep, how long did it take you? I the beaded dragon looks like it would take me a month of Sundays!!

fastasleep Fri 05-Aug-05 10:26:11

Beaded dragon did take a month of Sundays, and then I decided I didn't like the colours I used lol... the card took three evenings, I'm quite speedy at thread embroidery.. (Specially as I just use easy stitches or make it up as I go!)

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