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Can anyone help me with a wedding present?

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cheekychops03 Thu 28-Jul-05 20:57:40

I have made a wedding card for my broher in law and his wife to be and was just planning on wrapping the present in some nice paper and ribbons, however, horror of horrors, when the gift we had ordered arrived (from the Next Weddings list they have put together), I was horrified to find that the cutlery set was just literally stuffed inside a plastic bag and then shoved inside a plain cardboard box!!!! How can they send out wedding gifts like that????
Anyway, there is no way I can give it to them like that. Has anyone got any ideas how I could 'present' it in a home decorated box or anything. Any ideas would be really appreciated as I have just over a week to get things done.

Dingle Thu 28-Jul-05 21:00:23

Could you make or get a box. Cover in a nice handmade paper oand tie the cutlery in bundles with a pretty co-ordinating ribbon!

cheekychops03 Thu 28-Jul-05 21:46:45

Knew you'd come up with something Dingle! I had half thought of the idea of the box but didn't know what to do with the cutlery. Fab and simple idea tying them up. You're a STAR!!!! Thank you.

Dingle Thu 28-Jul-05 21:57:47

Well initially I thought of divider to seperate the cutlery, but thought that might be a bit tricky! Alway looking for a simple answer- that's me!

Let us see how it turns out!

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