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Inspiration needed for DS' nursery “make a hat comp”

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vala Tue 26-Jul-05 17:15:20


here’s hoping that some of the more “crafty” people can help me.

DS (3) nursery are running a “make a hat” competition and I don’t want him to miss out but I’m not very good at this sort of thing.
To further complicate things – the hat can ONLY be made from every day things found around the house – preferably recycled from stuff you would normally just throw away.
I’m totally at a loss.
Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 17:24:27

Hmmmm.... what sort of junk do you have hanging around the house?? Does your DS have any favourite tv/book characters who wear a hat?

Papier mache Bob the Builder hat? Mould over a balloon.

helsi Tue 26-Jul-05 17:25:43

could you make a top hat but in the style of a bin? rubbish could be spilling out from the top e.g. newspaper, old pen, empty yoghurt pot etc

mandyc66 Tue 26-Jul-05 17:29:16

like that idea Helsi!!!
Use card from cereal packets. I take it there is no theme? what a bout a newspaper hat ?
open up a box so it looks like a book put a circular band insid to fit his head. then cover with scraps of newspaper.

vala Tue 26-Jul-05 17:30:50

Thanks SD – not sure that your excellent suggestions are quite what they are aiming at though.
The example they have in the reception area is made from a plastic carrier bag – intended to sit on top of the head and NOT over it!!
[I was alarmed to see it and checked].
This carrier bag has flowers made from bits of paper, cardboard from cereal packets and the plastic bit inside said packets stuck all over it.
I think they are looking for something along these lines – ok for girls but what to do for boys.
Obviously, I have all that kind of stuff around the house.

vala Tue 26-Jul-05 17:32:04

Ohh Helsi, fantastic idea – I think I could do that one – Brilliant. Thanks.

vala Tue 26-Jul-05 17:35:25

Got to go and pick DS up from nursery – will double check the rules.

Thanks again for the suggestions – feeling much better about it now.
Will check in the morning for any more –
Quite exited now – thanks ladies.

vala Wed 27-Jul-05 11:00:44

Right – checked out the rules at the nursery last night.
Apparently, as long as it resembles a hat and is made entirely of recycled rubbish then all is well.

Think I will do the Top Hat suggestion for definite now.
DS will think he’s the Fat Controller

mandyc66 Wed 27-Jul-05 16:33:41

good it pos to post a photo of finished hat?

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