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Dymo Junior

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cheekychops03 Wed 20-Jul-05 22:41:29

Does anyone know where I can buy one of these?

BTW - it all seems very quiet on here at the mo. Have I missed out on something or are you all on holiday......

Yorkiegirl Wed 20-Jul-05 22:42:44

Message withdrawn

leonardodavinci Wed 20-Jul-05 22:42:50

don't know what it is ?

Nixz Wed 20-Jul-05 22:53:16

me neither - what is it????

cheekychops03 Wed 20-Jul-05 23:15:47

It's one of the label makers. They were out in the 70's when I was a kid and seem to have made a bit of a comeback with scrapbooking. It embosses letters on plastic tape. I'll try and do a link but I'm not very good with techy stuff....


cheekychops03 Wed 20-Jul-05 23:16:16

Wahey - It works!!!

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