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Question for those who design their own t-shirts....(Twiglett?)

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swiperfox Sat 16-Jul-05 18:21:25

When you use plain t-shirts from tesco etc do you cut the label out before you sell them?

I've got a load that i have tie-dyed and was wondering if there is anything about selling on tesco t-shirts as my own!

PeachyClair Sat 16-Jul-05 21:04:28

Dont know about tesco ones, but I would assume that it could be a problem tbh. I buy mine on the net from printing companies that expect you to design them, cheap enough (when you count in quality) and no problems.

champs Sun 17-Jul-05 13:10:22

hi swiper!!, I would cut them out, copywrite/trade mark etc.

swiperfox Sun 17-Jul-05 14:19:19

Hello you I was thinking that too. DP told me my tie-dye efforts were crap so i have a new plan....

champs Sun 17-Jul-05 15:00:57

lol at cheeky DH!!
plan sounds intriging(sp)

collision Sun 17-Jul-05 15:04:39

I bought one from a friend with the Tesco label in and I dont think she has had any problems with it. I think I would cut them out though.

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