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Lovely paintboxes at Lidl's this week!!

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TinyGang Tue 12-Jul-05 19:16:27

For budding painters - grown ups and littlies....I've just bought some really nice paint boxes (watercolours - 24 colours) from Lidl's for £1.25 each!

Twins (3)loved them. Really easy to use!

Years ago when I was at college - a nice box of watercolours cost a fortune and these are just as nice as the ones I used to save up for

Also lots of other arty/stationary type stuff on sale this week too.

fqueenzebra Tue 12-Jul-05 19:29:57

Ta, will look.

Janh Tue 12-Jul-05 19:38:00

link .

I posted it too TG, but as a back-to-school and only got one reply! (July not the best time!)

Mine are too old for the lovely paints and colouring pencils but I got lots of post-its and lever-arch files.

Was going to get a couple of backpacks but there weren't any Didn't spot any shredders either but hadn't noticed on website and wasn't looking for them, I could do with one.

TinyGang Tue 12-Jul-05 19:46:23

Thanks for the link Janh - didn't know they had a site.

There's just something about paints and pencils and stationary - how sad am I!!

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