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painting - a harmless activity?!

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Groggymama Mon 27-Jun-05 15:21:16

nearly cracked my ds head open on the patio while painting outside just now! hes ok, not hurt, and I thought painting was sposed to be fun! i put the plastic sheet down first, got water on it to wash the paint off and he slipped. Feel like a bad mum and will not try creative play again!

flamesparrow Mon 27-Jun-05 15:23:28


He could have done the same paddling pooling

Have you got an aquamat (think they're tomy) - its great... you fill pens with water and they draw on this mat thingy - watery paint brushes work too.

They get creative play, but you don't need to stick a plastic sheet down cos its all water

Flum Tue 28-Jun-05 01:21:54

mmmm tried finger painting with my dd this sunday. me and dp thought it would be fun and she was wingey so wanted to cheer her up.

Paints from Post office said 'Non-Toxic' I stupidly thought might also mean 'Washable offable' but OH NO. She was only in a nappy and got covered. Now she is stained greeny/bluey - looks like an oldish bruise all over belly and legs. she has creche tomorrow

flamesparrow Tue 28-Jun-05 08:17:52


I decided to mix up paints with food colouring and baby rice when DD was tiny - going with the theory of it wouldn't matter if she ate em...

She was green and red stained for 2 weeks!!!!

Just shows that you are a good mummy who does activities with em

Groggymama Tue 28-Jun-05 11:00:27

thanks guys! art is dangerous

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