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Free Nostalgia Transparent Sheets from lakeland

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pootlepod Sat 25-Jun-05 19:56:23

I did a lakeland order ages ago and got sent these Nostalgia Transparent Sheets by mistake. I've tried to be imaginative but TBH they're not my style so willing to send to anyone who could use them. (I have cut 2/3 out) CAT me your address or alternatively through the yahoo site.

jayzmummy Sat 25-Jun-05 19:59:51

I'll swop them with you if you want for a bag of gooies.....have had a sort out of my craft room and have quite a few B&P's that I am going to put on ebay to recoup some of the cost.

pootlepod Sat 25-Jun-05 20:04:18


My email is

sis Sat 25-Jun-05 20:16:38

You have just reminded me that lakelands sent me this Making Memories tool kit worth £14.95 which I hadn't ordered or been charged for - when i phoned them up about the error they said to give it to charity but I think it may be better for the cahrity if I sent it to MN and asked for a donation to be made to a charity. So is anyone interested? it is brand new and in the box - I opened it to see what it was when it arrived but none of it has been used.

I hope you don't mind me using your thread for this pootlepod, but I thought it would be okay as you have already found a home for the transparent sheets .

Whizzz Sat 25-Jun-05 20:18:08

WOW it looks great - I'm interested.
Want anything in return ?

pootlepod Sat 25-Jun-05 20:20:00

No worries sis

sis Sat 25-Jun-05 20:25:41

Whizzz, I'd be happy if the postage costs were covered and that a donation had been made to a reputable charity - I don't want to benefit from lakelands error. If you are interested, CAT me.

Whizzz Sat 25-Jun-05 20:29:54

Thanks Sis ! CAT on its way to you now.
Let me know if you have a preferred charity.

Right - just off for tea !

Thanks again

sis Sat 25-Jun-05 20:32:12

No problems - MN team have something I believe is called 'a life outside of mumsnet' so I may not get your message until Monday and won't be able to reply until Monday or Tuesday evening, but I will look out for a message from you tomorrow, just in case!

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