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Denise interchangable needles

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merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 12:59:28

Ok, I've had a look at the Denise system and read some reviews.

I really like the look of them but they seem pricey (around 35 pounds plus p&p).

Am expecting a new baby in 2 weeks so thought I might be able to justify a purchase as I will need something that won't disturb her while she sleeps (ds would only sleep on my lap). Is this plausible?

I know a couple of MNrs use them, so any thoughts, opinions, etc? Anyone NOT use them? Any major drawbacks (apart from not being wood )? TIA.

tamum Mon 20-Jun-05 13:20:39

Hi mm, I'm really sorry I never came back to you on this. Whether they are worth the money depends on how much circular knitting you think you may do. You wouldn't have to buy many separate needle sizes plus different cable lengths before you equalled the amount you would spend on a Denise set, but if you think you would only use them once in a blue moon then it probably isn't worth it. I still use wooden needles in preference whenever I am using straight needles (have I mentioned that before? ), but the Denise sets are very quiet and pleasant to use. I got mine on eBay before they were available in the UK and they were quite a bit less than £35 even with postage from the US, because the exchange rate is so good. I would have a look on there too, or even US knitting shops.

merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 17:22:19

Ta, tamum. Thats really helpful.

Can I ask a few more questions ?

What are the needles actually like to knit on compared to wood. Is it like knitting on metal? Do the stitches slip off, and are the needles cold?

Also-on the other thread it was mentioned that there was a problem with decreasing (I think). Is this the case? Not clear why it should be (but I don't have a very spatial mind, so it might be quite obvious).

NotQuiteCockney Mon 20-Jun-05 17:53:33

They're plastic, so not cold. I think they're more slippy than wood, but that doesn't bother me. I actually use mine instead of my wood ones, as I like not having needles sticking out to the side. It just seems tidier/lighter. (Also, once in a while, I drop a wooden needle, which is a real hassle. Yeah, I suck.)

And I second what tamum says, try ebay. I don't remember how much mine were, but they were cheaper than the UK site has them - someone in the Netherlands was selling some, new.

Someone I met at a knitting stall this weekend was talking about some metal interchangeables, called Boy? They were cool colours, she said. I don't know whether metal would be ok, though.

Oh, I don't know about decreasing, I've not done any knitting in the round, whoops. Although the person from this weekend was talking about using circular needles while decreasing on hats, until near the end ... I'm not sure how that works ...

tamum Mon 20-Jun-05 18:11:14

I agree, not remotely like knitting with metal, which I really can't stand. You could always buy a cheapo pair of plastic straights if you wanted to get a feel for plastic needles (like children's ones, maybe). The other ones NQC mentions are called Boye Needlemaster, but they're more expensive I think. Even cool colours can't get me knitting with metal

I have used them for decreasing lots and they're fine, but I haven't done hats where you have to change to DPNs, so maybe that is a pain.

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