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what should I buy?

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hercules Sat 18-Jun-05 18:54:15

I've just started making cards but am still a beginner -nmade 2!

It's my birthday next month, what should I buy to have a good basic kit for card making?

Can go upt to 100 pounds for everything although would rather spend 50 as I want to buy beads for my other new hobby

Carolinett Sat 18-Jun-05 19:13:11

A card creaser there about £15.00 to start with.
nice backing papers,
some punches,
some peel offs,
a heat gun whilst you've got the money,
some stamps
and some embossing powder

A pack of cheap card from Asda about £3 something to practise on.

emily05 Sat 18-Jun-05 19:18:39

hercules - I am intrigued, what is the other new hobby?

hercules Sat 18-Jun-05 19:39:13

jewellery making with beads! Thanks Carolinett

Carolinett Sat 18-Jun-05 19:53:04

You can thread some of your small beads on wire and make all sorts of shapes to put on your cards

Also you can put some of the small beads on ribbon or fibres and daggle them down the fold side if the cards

Carolinett Sat 18-Jun-05 19:56:50

You could mount small pieces of your jewellery on the cards
OOOOOO you could have great fun
Matching card with jewellery

hercules Sun 19-Jun-05 19:52:51


Dingle Sun 19-Jun-05 20:18:40

If you are still really a beginner- how basic is your kit ATM?

A good craft knife, a cutting mat, metal ruler, a paper trimmer, various supplies of sundry items- differnet types of glues etc...a few ink pads and stamps, a few punches perhaps.
Although I love my accucrease - unless you know that you are going to continue making cards long term, I wouldn't buy one yet. You do really save money by folding your own rather than buying in pre-folded cards - but you will need to make sure you make alot of cards to cover the £12+ IYSWIM.

What sort of cards have you make/are you hoping to make? I agree with incorporating your beadwork onto the cards. An idea I have toyed with for about a year now, but never really done anything about it.

hercules Sun 19-Jun-05 20:25:53

Thanks. I have made 2 cards and only have the left over stickers from these as well as a template for happy birthday.

No idea how long term I'll do it but I guess I'll be mainly making them for family and maybe, just maybe, in the future doing a stall at ds's school fete.

Dingle Sun 19-Jun-05 20:49:26

I think it's a craft day on QVC on Tuesday, take a look, perhaps set your video. This will give you a good idea of what you can do, what techniques to try and the equipment and goodies you will need to do them. Don't be too tempted to buy from there straight away- I feel that once P&P is added, what you think is a bargain, isn't always!

pootlepod Sun 19-Jun-05 22:10:11

I think it will be hard to do the links for here but I'll give it a go. This site has some lovely things on it. Recommended from me for starter stuff is the pack of ten shimmer paper hopefully here, about halfway down and the set of 50 mixed cards here

Dior Sun 19-Jun-05 22:33:03

Message withdrawn

Dingle Sun 19-Jun-05 22:41:51

I am a big fan of Craft Creations. They have a free catalogue and when you ask for that order code CLIP01 (?) and you will get a free little pad of sample card too.

Whizzz Mon 20-Jun-05 19:36:10

Whilst on hols (Cornwall) I saw some lovely cards.
Very plain with just some backing paper & then 'beady' jewellery (earrings, simple pendants & bracelets) mounted onto the cards.
They looked really good & i think they were priced from £7 - which I imagine would be a nice profit !!

pootlepod Tue 21-Jun-05 18:09:15

This place- hobbicraft have an offer of free postage on at the mo' (haven't read through to see if any/what conditions there are) and also heat guns at £10.

champs Tue 21-Jun-05 21:31:36

what a bargain!! can't remember who wanted one, whizzz?

jayzmummy Tue 21-Jun-05 23:36:54

Whizz...I make those and I supply two shops in Cornwall!!! Wonder if they were mine??? I was going to post some on the gallery site but didnt when I saw someone else was selling handmade jewellery. The profit margin is a lot higher than what you get just from the sale of cards.

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 23:47:57

Message withdrawn

champs Wed 22-Jun-05 14:34:06

Yorkiegirl -- lol, we are as bad as each other with our craft spending

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Jun-05 16:12:45

Message withdrawn

champs Wed 22-Jun-05 18:20:44

quick!! stop my hands from ordering qk stuff!!!!

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