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Craft paper on a roll

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MadBadAndWieldingAnAxe Sun 01-Nov-09 15:00:00

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to buy craft paper on a roll? Baker Ross sell it, but only (it seems) in vast quantities suitable for schools. I want just a roll or two, to cover a pinboard that's about 5 foot square.

All help gratefully received.

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sun 01-Nov-09 15:00:41

lining paper?

spudmasher Sun 01-Nov-09 15:02:01

IKEA used to do rolls of paper.

bodeniites Sun 01-Nov-09 15:06:20

ask a florist they might give you some

MadBadAndWieldingAnAxe Sun 01-Nov-09 15:43:25

Thank you for replying so quickly. I was hoping for something colourful, which is why I hadn't bought lining paper, but the florist's paper is a fab idea. I may go and scrounge!

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