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Scarecrow costume for an almost-3-yr-old

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shonaspurtle Mon 26-Oct-09 21:36:55

I was just going to buy ds's halloween costume this year but they're all a wee bit gory and he really loves the dingle dangle scarecrow song so...

Scarecrow costume. Where would I get a hat? Fringed yellow felt for straw? Can you still get raffia?

I'm thinking maybe looking in charity shops for slightly too big clothes, making them a bit raggy and tying at ankles/wrists/waist.

<sigh> Can't believe i've left it till the last minute again.

shonaspurtle Mon 26-Oct-09 22:36:12

Bump? Possibly the wrong section?

I'd be particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on raffia - itchy? Maybe wool would be better. i'm thinking of sewing it into the cuffs/feet/hat.

EvilTwins Mon 26-Oct-09 22:41:09

Wool would work. Might by tricky to sew it in though. How about slightly too big clothes, like you suggested, glue some yellow wool with fabric glue, so it sticks out like straw, then tie round wrists and ankles with string. Trim a hat in the same way - could be any old hat, I suppose. Rafia might work, but might be itchy. Sorry. That wasn't all that helpful. Love the idea though! My two have got cute witch outifts from Asda - they had lots of nice ones, but I wasn't looking at the little boy costumes, I'm afraid.

shonaspurtle Tue 27-Oct-09 12:41:32

Thanks EvilTwins. Yes, sewing would be tricky. I was thinking I'd just use the sewing machine but that wouldn't really work around cuffs maybe.

Fabric glue probably best.

Next stop charity shop.

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