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I'm going to do a lino print for my Christmas cards. Do I...

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potatofactory Mon 26-Oct-09 16:54:11

warm it with an iron, or put it under the grill / in the oven? And how often, roughly do I have to do this?

Any top tips? I'm a novice.


yesballgames Mon 26-Oct-09 19:31:34

I did that last year! i got these lovely super soft squares of rubbery stuff from the art shop. hard lino just needs a heat on a radiator for a minute - sit next to it and just pop it on now and again to get it supple again!
good luck x

potatofactory Mon 26-Oct-09 19:47:28

Ooh brilliant thanks! Really looking forward to it smile

kiwibella Tue 27-Oct-09 22:13:54

I'm intrigued... what do you do? I don't understand why it needs heating... and, then what happens next?

Sorry if these are really blonde questions!!

potatofactory Wed 28-Oct-09 19:15:25

Well, you take lino (as in floor lino which is really hard) and use a scraper (narrow, like a big nib) to carve a pattern in the lino. Then you can roll with acrylic paint and make prints. It can look amazing.. - you warm it because it softens it, and makes it easier to make the grooves.

Hope that makes sense! You should try it, it's really good fun & satisfying.


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