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What sewing machine would you recommend?

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porncocktail Sat 24-Oct-09 11:18:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amelem Sat 24-Oct-09 11:31:55

I would highly recommend a Janome machine. I use my machine for dressmaking and find it really easy to use and very reliable, mine is model 659. When I was on a dressmaking course the college recommended we bought a Janome and the model they used was My style 22, although I think that one is over £300.

lucykate Sat 24-Oct-09 11:41:58

not sure about specific models but brands wise for a budget of £250, i would also say janome.

moocowme Sat 24-Oct-09 20:59:49

get a janome off ebay. i bought a janome memory craft 9000 for £400 a few years ago. it was an absolute bargain. came with lots of nece feet and needles and accesories.

Washersaurus Sat 24-Oct-09 21:21:54

Well I love my 80's pfaff 1471 - still reliable and takes the effort out of all my sewing.

kitkatcadaverqueen Sat 24-Oct-09 21:34:00

porncocktail, I too love my hand crank ancient singer, I have an electric modern machine too, but there are some situations where the ancient hand crank is unsurpassed. I am very lucky to have found a chap locally who has absolutly loads of parts he also sells them on ebay ( he even does electric pedal conversion kits that make handcranks electric grin )

And... his mobile number is 07941009531

I bought a singer genie of him a while back for way less than £250.00 does everything you mention except the embroidery. Personally i'd give him a bell. smile

kitkatcadaverqueen Sat 24-Oct-09 21:37:57

oh sorry just saw the bit above about advertising - oops! I spent ages trying to find a part to keep my ancient singer alive tho and would have loved to have been given his number. sorry

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