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Stopping organza fraying / hot knives

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Tangle Thu 22-Oct-09 21:11:54

I want to make DD a wand for halloween (a bit like the one shown here) - but made the mistake of buying organza rather than tulle (blush but it was soooo pretty). Just sitting in the bag its fraying like mad and I dread to think what will happen once I cut it, make it and she starts waving it...

Digging around in google I've seen reference to cutting organza with a hot knife tool to seal the edges and prevent fraying. Has anyone tried one for this purpose and did it work? And what do you use as a base to cut on?

Or does anyone have any other suggestions on how to deal with it, other than to leave it in the bag and buy some ribbon instead...


Tangle Mon 26-Oct-09 23:45:27

Well, for anyone who's interested I didn't find a hot knife but FIL had a spare tip for his soldering iron that we used and it worked a treat for the purpose I needed it. If I needed to cut anything more complex than inch wide (ish) strips I think a hot knife would definitely be the way forward.

If you want to try it, make sure your tool gets right up to temperature - the first few "cuts" we tried the iron was still heating up, performance improved dramatically with temperature.

Oh, and we used an old bit of wood as a base.

moocowme Tue 27-Oct-09 06:41:02

not having access to anything suitably hot i would have painted where i wanted to cut with clear nail polish and when dry cut along this line.

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