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Best felt tips?

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CocoK Sun 18-Oct-09 12:32:43

Any hot tips for juicy and strong felt tips that can take a bit of neglect?

Our Crayolas keep drying out because 'somebody' forgets to put the tops back on them. And our cheapo ones from Tesco break in seconds when they are pressed onto the paper...

southeastastra Sun 18-Oct-09 12:52:27

sharpies are fantastic BUT permanent

ramonaquimby Sun 18-Oct-09 12:55:30

berol are great, lots of schools use them

crayola also v good (if lids kept on)

you do get what you pay for

herbietea Sun 18-Oct-09 13:10:40

Message withdrawn

cookielove Sun 18-Oct-09 13:21:33

sometimes if you dip the tips into water it refreshes them, this has worked for crayola

MilaMae Sun 18-Oct-09 21:32:40

Definitely Berol, I've tried the lot,used to have Berol's when teaching. I have some old Berol's I had 15 years ago that are still going strong.

I bought my 3 dc a pack of thick 24 each and a pot of the thin ones,cost me an arm and a leg but they take so much abuse I won't need to ever buy anymore. I think you can leave the lids off for 2 weeks and they'll still be ok. The nibs don't collapse either.

I'm now on the hunt for some coloured pencils that are just as good smile

PandaG Sun 18-Oct-09 21:35:16

stabilo are also very good

CocoK Mon 19-Oct-09 09:27:38

Thanks - have revived the Crayolas with some water and decided to go for Berols once the old ones give up the ghost. Thanks for your tips - no pun intended, of course...

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