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Sewing machine for 13 yo?

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valhala Fri 09-Oct-09 22:13:09

I hope that someone can give me the benefit of their expertise here please. My DD will be 13 in January and has asked for a sewing machine as a present (odd child, the other DD, who is 14, wants make-up, CDs and the like!).

DD is quite talented at craft work and very enthusiastic about it and so I think a sewing machine would get a fair bit of use though I can't sew a button properly on even by hand! The question is, what should I buy that is user-friendly, not overloaded with fancy features, pretty robust and not expensive?

As a lone mum my finances are very limited - would I be wiser to buy a second hand machine (she knows funds are tight and wouldn't be offended or hurt) to see how she gets on with it as I certainly can't afford most of the new "adult" ones, or one of those mini machines seem on Ebay and spend the remainder of my money on other gifts?

Or is it a better idea to go the whole hog and buy one of the cheaper end of the market models even though she wouldn't get much else?

All ideas gratefully received, thank you.

murphyslaw Fri 09-Oct-09 22:28:35

Bought my DD (who is 10) the £50 machine (red colour) from John Lewis last Xmas. She is a demon on that machine compared to me hmm. It is easy to thread, not overloaded with features and generally reliable.

HTH smile

valhala Fri 09-Oct-09 22:42:12

Thanks ever so much murphyslaw, that sounds ideal. Didn't realise I could buy such a machine from somewhere as reputable as John Lewis at that price. I haven't a fortune to spend but would far rather buy new from a decent retailer than second hand.

I'm off to the JL website, I think you have solved my dilemma. Thanks again!

Definately don't get one of the mini ones as they don't do many stitches and break fairly easily.
I got an ex display model from here, they are under £100 (which is a lot a know) but they have freee thread and accesories pack which was veyr helpful as I needed nothing to start sewing then. Plus 2 year guarantee.
Or my sister bought this the other day as it had a free subscription for a sewing magazine (she is a newbie to sewing) so that might help?

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