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Jayzmummy Fri 10-Jun-05 11:42:35

Thank You.

Dingle Fri 10-Jun-05 11:58:08

Absolutely no problem JM!

jayzmummy Wed 22-Jun-05 01:06:16

I was wondering
If I can have some stamped images from you?
I've looked on your swop piccies and I could do with a few images to help with a card I have been asked to make.

I like the teddy bear one and a couple of others.....could you stamp some for me and I'll swop you something for them?

I got some lovely new sizzlits houses today that will be lovely for a new home card. When Ive got 5 mins I'll get round to cutting some of the dies I have and will post a piccie on the yahoo site.

I'm trying really hard to get into this stamping mallarchy but it just doesnt "do it" for me!!!

Ive got quite a few stamps sitting here begging to be played with but I just look at them and then put them back in their box!!! Why can't I get motivated to use the blooming things?

Dingle Wed 22-Jun-05 09:39:23

Are you in a mad rush for them JM? I still have to finish off a wedding order and make a few card orders before we go away!!!

I have made a packing list and we got the bags down from the loft last night but that's about it so far!

Let me know what you want, and the priority order you want them in, what type of paper/card and colours of ink. I haven't got that many dif colours, I tend to stick mainly to black and watercolour or chalk them. But LMK I and I will see what I can do.

jayzmummy Wed 22-Jun-05 10:12:07

I'll mail you....thanks

Dingle Fri 01-Jul-05 17:17:47

JM!!! How is everything my love?

I have just got back from our hols and still in relax mode-perhaps it was all the wine we drunk when the kiddies were tucked up safely in bed, or perhaps it was just the fresh air!

Have been thinking about you, please let me know how you are doing and if you still want any of these stamps. I am working on my priority "to do list!"

My aim is to be more organised and efficient now we have the holiday out the way. Well I can dream can't I!

Take care honey.

love Dingle.xx

jayzmummy Fri 01-Jul-05 20:12:38

No worries Dingle....I went out and bought some stamps....BUT you ned to tell me what I owe you for those cars you sent me....or do you want to swop something???

we didnt get to meet up

Dingle Fri 01-Jul-05 20:30:00

No rush JM, perhaps we can do a swap at some stage. I have plenty to keep me going for a while anyway.

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