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inspiration needed, b-day present for 65yo old fart

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moocowme Wed 07-Oct-09 20:13:25

one of my friends is turning 65 next week and i want to make them a birthday present (i am always making my presents). he has a very dry sense of humour and can be rather curt at times. but i think he is very funny. i am good sewer but cannot come up with something comical but useful to make him. he also works part time as a magistrate and i think he would be up for a laugh.

peanutbutterkid Thu 08-Oct-09 18:11:10

Socks with little gavels on them?

moocowme Thu 08-Oct-09 22:16:03

yeah socks that could be a goer. might be easy to do as well since i only have a couple of days left.

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