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Pattern to make a DS's Tudor style flat hat!

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ampere Sat 26-Sep-09 19:29:16

Tudor Day at school...sigh.

I'm reasonably handy but I could use a pattern if anyone knows of a free one!

SoupDragon Sun 27-Sep-09 21:46:51

Try these

ampere Tue 29-Sep-09 08:21:46


SoupDragon Tue 29-Sep-09 11:09:37

Oh good, you came back

I had to make a victorian flat cap for DS1 last summer so I have an assortment of sites bookmarked! DS2 has Tudor Day coming up this term I think [sigh]

aendr Tue 29-Sep-09 17:16:53

Perhaps you would post the list of sites so that those of us who like to be prepared for that kind of thing could also bookmark them :-)

stealthsquiggle Tue 29-Sep-09 17:26:53

<<hovers for the collected wisdom of a soupdragon>>

Although, TBH, I don't get to do much of this stuff as DS's head was apparently permanently scarred by demands for costumes when her DD was at primary school and therefore doesn't "do" random dressing-up events (to my slight and fairly secret disappointment smile)

SoupDragon Wed 30-Sep-09 21:11:53

This is one of them.

SoupDragon Wed 30-Sep-09 21:12:51

This had no pictures which made it tricky to follow.

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