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Taste gurus: renovating a pine bedframe. What to do?

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faraday Fri 18-Sep-09 09:34:24

Our double bed is a BIT knocked around. It's a 'country cottage' look one in that it has those barley sugar cane 'spindles', a slightly 'curley-cue' look to the top edges of the headboard and foot-board and top of each leg has been 'turned' into a ball and collar, iyswim. It's vanished in a mid-honey colour.

Thing is the other furniture in the room is fairly modern. We have 2 chests of drawers in the Ikea Aneboda range- flat birch fronts and top, an opaque 'glass' window on the front of the top drawer and horizontal brushed chrome handles. The bedside tables are a similar birch colour with grey metal legs and currently round silver handles that I will replace with Aneboda style ones.

I am thinking I will repaint the bedframe either white or very pale cream using a low sheen gloss.

Things I want opinions on:

Should I?

Should I leave the spindles as they are ie varnished and paint the rest of the frame? And possibly leave the collars of the legs unpainted though I don't know how I'd make the edges look clean.

What about a limewash look instead of solid paint? I guess there is an issue of wet paint 'beading' on the bits of varnish I don't sand off. This effect could look good or tatty.

I don't intend sanding the whole thing back to bare wood, incidentally! It isn't worth that much effort on my part!

Ivykaty44 Fri 18-Sep-09 12:18:22

limewash - easier all round to apply and will fit in with modert or old

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