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ali11 Thu 17-Sep-09 18:29:04

My name is ellen i have just found your site
Ilove knitting and would love to make some extra money from it. My kids are older know and think mums knitting is not cool. Anyone any ideas how to acheive this aim.

chaosisawayoflife Thu 17-Sep-09 19:23:10

You could sell stuff on Etsy or Folksy.

Prunerz Fri 18-Sep-09 08:59:42

It is REALLY hard to make money from knitting - people see the cost of materials and think "Oh that cost £20" but would never pay the 50 hours' of work on top of that, even at a pound an hour sad.

You could get together a portfolio of patterns you've designed, make them simple but with a nice twist, and try to sell the patterns? There is far more of a market this way.

Or you could hawk some samples round little gift shops - I've seen flat-knitted baby hats, cotton, roll brim with an i-cord "stalk" at the crown, selling for £8 in a gift box. I still think that knitter cannot be making a profit, I assume she sells the whole gubbins for £4 or less.

Prunerz Fri 18-Sep-09 09:02:06

The other thing to do is to design a few things that use expensive wools, and go round the gallery shops. I knitted a hat once for a gallery owner, and charged her £35 because she was a friend. Materials cost £12. She said she would have sold it for £70 easily - there's a market among women in their 60s with pots of retirement cash who really only buy handmade gallery items.

ali11 Mon 21-Sep-09 18:04:01

I have just joined folksy,so I hope this will work.
my site is anyone would like to have a look.

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