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Has anyone/Does anyone use knitting design software?

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LackaDAISYcal Mon 07-Sep-09 14:25:24

I'M fed up not being able to get the exact pattern that I want and wondered if anyone can recommend some entry level software. I'm a competent knitter but an useless at overly complex patterns.

tia smile

Prunerz Mon 07-Sep-09 14:31:15

I haven't seen any other than charting software for lace/cable patterns. I can't remember the name, though!

Do you want something that'll do calculations for you, different sizes, different gauges etc?

What do you want to design? Usually I get a pattern the fiddle it, I think most people do tbh!

LackaDAISYcal Mon 07-Sep-09 20:15:26

I want to be able to adapt some bigger patterns for my younder DC and vice versa (I am ok at fuguring it out until neck shaping etc comes into play and then either it's too wide or too narrow, and I'd also like something that will write you a pattern based on the stuff you input into the programme.

I dug out an old copy of simply knitting magazine and it has a few different ones being reviewed ranging from £40 up to £300!

I have this inkling that I can make some money selling my knits...daft I know blush, but I can only sell stuff if I've designed it myself I think; I can't use someone else's pattern.

Prunerz Mon 07-Sep-09 23:41:47

I wonder if there's a course (or at least a book) to get you proficient in writing patterns in different sizes...

Are you not on Ravelry? This sort of thing is discussed a lot. (I never pay attention though because I've only ever designed a neckwarmer grin).

LackaDAISYcal Tue 08-Sep-09 00:46:15

I dip in and out of ravelry, but I've only really browsed it for patterns and haven't even compiled a wishlist. I joined the MN group, but what with actual MN, facebook, nappy forums, the million emails I get every day and trying to declutter on ebay, as well as paying scant attention to my children and actually trying to do some knitting I can never keep up grin

LackaDAISYcal Tue 08-Sep-09 01:01:26

I found this book so I may see if the library can get it for me and then buy it if it's any good.

A neckwarmer is better than I've ever achieved grin

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