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Garden of Happiness - Blackwork pattern?

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tribpot Sun 06-Sep-09 17:05:57

Hi all,

Many moons ago (well about 3 years) I finished this blackwork design. I then started and nearly finished this one but now I come to pull it from the back of the cupboard to finish it, I can't find the pattern.

Does anyone know where you can buy Derwentwater patterns online? Pattern only, I obviously don't want to buy another kit. If I can't I can probably wing it from what I've done already + the photo.

Thinking about doing this one next - I really like that.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 06-Sep-09 17:13:50

How much can you copy from what you have already done?

tribpot Sun 06-Sep-09 17:24:19

I reckon I can finish the gold thread and have a pretty good stab at finishing off with the gold ball things (what are they called? Ds says marbles but me thinkee not). Beads, maybe? So it's definitely not the end of the world, just would be nice to be sure I was doing it right.

I used to do blackwork on a Saturday morning during ds' first nap of the day <nostalgia>. That baby starts school tomorrow and is currently playing Ice Age 3 on the Wii!

Lulubee Sun 06-Sep-09 17:25:58

Please can you tell me what Blackwork is and is it difficult? It looks very pretty! What do you do with it when finished?

tribpot Sun 06-Sep-09 17:36:12

Hello Lulubee! If I ever finish this one, I'll have the two of them framed. I've done bits and pieces as gifts for friends, in fact one of Yorkiegirl's quilts has a blackwork piece in it, albeit done in white thread on a navy background.

Here is some info on blackwork on Wiki. Basically what I liked about it, other than the simplicity/geometricity of it was the fact it is relatively quick to do - provided you don't put it in a cupboard for 3 years obviously!

It isn't difficult, and well worth a try. This is the one I've done a number of times as a mini-project and is the one in the quilt. Very quick to do.

PurpleFrog Mon 07-Sep-09 15:53:13

Do you still have the pattern from the one you completed? Does it have a phone number or e-mail address for the company? If so, contact them and see what they say. You could offer to send them a photo of the semi-complete piece to prove you had the kit.

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