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Looking for a cloak pattern. Any ideas?

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dancingnakedintherain Fri 04-Sep-09 23:13:29

I want a cloak, full and flowing so looking for a pattern for an adult. Any ideas of good patterns or companys that do patterns. I want to custom it so pre-made no good.


dancingnakedintherain Sat 05-Sep-09 10:45:37

bumping for the morning lot.

kiwibella Sat 05-Sep-09 23:05:09

I'm sorry, Dancing... what do you mean? A winter coat type-of-cloak... or a magicians type-of-cloak?

I have made the latter for my dd (when she was younger) and simply sewed up a very large square before stitching in elastic across the top and adding ribbon ties.

But, I don't think that's the sort you mean grin.

DEMifnotwhynot Sat 05-Sep-09 23:27:41

grin not a wizard cloak. An old fashion full length cloak....

Do i have to sketch what i mean?

DEMifnotwhynot Sat 05-Sep-09 23:29:12

um - regularly name change. Dancing is one of my names there are others so sorry if i forget to put the right coat on before posting.

weegiemum Sun 06-Sep-09 01:39:11

Hi there!

My cloak I was talking about elsewhere is about 3/4 length, made in panels, with hood and arm slits. Its very full, lined, made of a rusty colour of tweed, so pretty warm (I'm in Scotland and lived up north for many years) and it lovely.

I am off to bed now but will look to see if I have any pics of it - not sure I do, now I think of it.

My Gran was a dressmaker and did it years ago for me. She made up the pattern herself I think, but she died a coupel of years back (otherwise she's have the old singer out and be pedalling away to make one for you!)

DEMifnotwhynot Sun 06-Sep-09 01:42:31

Sounds lovely. Was suspecting i might have to develop my pattern making skills for this project. Will have to put on todo list for half term me thinks. love a good challenge, me

Sleep well.

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