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Can anybody talk to meabout art and/or craft shops in west Wilts, Bath or possibly Salisbury?

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ABitWrong Wed 02-Sep-09 20:45:58

Many thanks smile

Elk Wed 02-Sep-09 20:55:20

There is a shop near the centre of Salisbury called the Compleat Artist which does art supplies but I don't know much about it (apart from it used to be painted bright purple).

There are also two beading/jewellery making shops.

Are you looking for something specific?

Restrainedrabbit Wed 02-Sep-09 20:58:28

Compleat Artist is next to the river in a funny little shed like building! Very good for art supplies, used to be a craft type shop further up the road near Prezzo but that shut last year.

ABitWrong Wed 02-Sep-09 21:00:59

Ah...thank you.

I am looking for the sort of coloured wax that is used for encaustic art (have I got the right word?)

Also, a basket making kit.

And it must be tomorrow because my dd1's birthday is on Friday. Sigh.

bratley Wed 02-Sep-09 21:05:47

Was that The Mole Hole, Restrained?
I loved that place when we lived in Salisbury, was a great little treasure trove for crafting.
That was the place I was going to suggest, I only bought stuff from there or online when we lived in Salisbury.
Sorry, I'm not much help if its not there anymore!

ABitWrong Thu 03-Sep-09 07:46:56

Any more? smile

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