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How to knit/crochet one of those granny style blankets you see in old people's homes?!

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glasjam Mon 31-Aug-09 13:55:00

Do you know the sort I mean? Lots of different colour wools starting with a small square, surrounded by a larger square and another larger square etc.. (not just a patchwork collection of squares) very multicoloured and look quite easy. I have inherited one from my partner's mother but would like to make one of my own. If anyone has a clue as to what I am describing then I'd be really grateful if they could point me in the direction of a pattern? Many thanks smile

hambo Mon 31-Aug-09 13:57:38

It is VERY easy - it is just a HUGE granny square (I think)

KnitterInTheNW Mon 31-Aug-09 13:58:08

I think you just start by crocheting a square/rectangle with one colour then keep going round and round with other colours til you're happy with it! Maybe google 'granny square' for pattern for 1st square?

glasjam Mon 31-Aug-09 17:54:15

Thank you hambo and KnitterInTheNW! I think you're right about the basic Granny Square being the starting point and then just going round and round with it. I would like to use some really nice colours and see if I can create a more "modern" looking one - wish me luck!!

paisleyleaf Mon 31-Aug-09 17:56:33

Youtube is great for tutorials
I recently reminded myself how to do them and now have granny squares all over the house that I really must get round to sewing together.

mummylin2495 Mon 31-Aug-09 21:14:43

i have made two of these this year and i didnt start with a square in the middle ,i made a smal chain of stitches and then it grew from there ,you basically make your corner stich,which is 2 lots of 3 stitches with a loop in between .then make another stitch of 3,then another corner stitch of 2 lots of three again.i will put mine on my profile and see if this is what you mean

mummylin2495 Mon 31-Aug-09 21:28:00

of course ,if you want to knit a blanket you just simply knit your squares ,then stitch them together afterwards.

glasjam Mon 31-Aug-09 21:41:17

Mummylin - I've looked at your profile and I think they look like what I'm on about although yours look far nicer than the one I've got as that was obviously made from unravelled jumpers and all sorts of scraps of wool! Mine also is more cobwebby/netty whereas yours looks quite dense and closely woven IYSWIM??

mummylin2495 Mon 31-Aug-09 22:25:34

i have to admit ,i bought the wool , each one used up a lot but wanted them for my gd,s beds ,hence the size of them .If you have unravelled something you could wash it then roll it up again ,that may help,i did the first one in under 3 weeks ,but the second one dragged on a a bit longer im afraid,but crochet is very easy ,its just that when the blanket is getting bigger it takes so long to get round even once !

mummylin2495 Mon 31-Aug-09 22:26:27

as long as mine look better that the ones in Emmerdale ,then im happy grin

mummylin2495 Mon 31-Aug-09 22:35:31

i used 16 x 100 gr balls of wool which i think is 64 ounces. I managed to get most of the wool for 99p per 100gr ball and used double knit wool.So each blanket only actually cost about £16 to make

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