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Self portrait project

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admylin Thu 27-Aug-09 10:21:25

Dd has just started grammar school and has looked forward to the art lessons for ages. She loves drawing and says she wants to go to art college later.

The first project they have been set , is to paint a self portrait. I find this quiet a difficult task for this age group and her 3rd attempt looks 'slightly' like her. Any tips from experienced artists among you?

courtneylovescox Thu 27-Aug-09 12:11:42

i always find something like this helps, or google drawing face proportions.

was never taught this way but it's really helpful (imo)

admylin Thu 27-Aug-09 15:49:32

Thanks alot that was a great tip, I did google but that link is great, dd watched the video and I did a trial version while she watched too and her latest attempt is really very good. Now we go over to painting techniques starting with how to mix colours. Skin isn't an easy colour to mix!

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