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Can anyone tell me what I do with cutouts?

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darlingbud Mon 30-May-05 19:41:23

I am quite new to card making and to start me off I bouhgt a starters kit from ebay. ncluded in it are some cuts outs of various things such as dogs, cats roses etc but I am not sure what I should do with them or how I should use them. They are just one tone of colour and quite boring. any advice?

darlingbud Mon 30-May-05 20:07:38


should I use pens to put details on them? or use them plain? I just don't know what to do with them but feel they would look good on cards if used correctly.

darlingbud Mon 30-May-05 20:29:49

no card makers on here tonight?

Louise1980 Mon 30-May-05 20:31:11

You do whatever you like they are your cards and you make the rules. Im just answering you coz I hate it when no1 answers my threads!

Dior Mon 30-May-05 20:31:53

Message withdrawn

darlingbud Mon 30-May-05 20:34:50

at last - thanks both. I wasn'r sure if they were to decorate or not. will have a go with a couple now.

champs Mon 30-May-05 21:28:54

awwww hi hun, wasn't around til now.
there's loads you can do with cut outs.
as dior says use glitter,
you can matt/layer the cut outs onto two or three different papers/cards and stick onto cards. If you like you can use 3d foam pads to raise the layers. write or stick a greeting on the front,
are you familiar with decopage? you can use cut outs to make these and then stick on to your card.
use pens/felt tips to decorate the cut outs.

without seeing them I could only give general tips. hope that helps.

darlingbud Thu 02-Jun-05 16:20:07

THanks - I had a go with a dog/puppy one and it turned ut rubbish. I used gel pens to do the collar etc but it was a bit naff.

champs Thu 02-Jun-05 17:22:31

hmmm. have you tried leaving the cutouts as they are and layering card underneath them? always gives a prof touch.
decopage will also look nice just get three or four cutouts of the same design leave the first as it is, then cut away the background on the second, remove more from the third and then just key elements from the fourth like the collar, ears, nose etc. use 3d foam and stick the layers onto each other.

Dingle Thu 02-Jun-05 17:39:43

I know it sounds silly but what colours are the cut outs. TBH most of them aren't really my cup of tea either.
If you give me a few shapes and colours, and I will see if I can come up with some ideas.

I had some from a QVC kit ages ago, most of them are still in the box untouched. Have a look at the gallery, I have a train card in my children album I think. It was that mirror card in silver or gold, but I turned it over, watercoloured the back and I ended up being quite pleased with the effect.

I'll try a link. here

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