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Is £10 about the right price to pay for a dress pattern?

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Katymac Sat 22-Aug-09 16:50:10

It is a Kwik sew one & it's 2932

Cheapest I can find is ebay at about £9.50 or £9.93 at Jaycotts


BlueKangerooWonders Sat 22-Aug-09 17:01:20

sounds a lot. New from John Lewis are £3-£4

Katymac Sat 22-Aug-09 17:07:03


Oh sad

OK I'll keep looking

TheProfiteroleThief Sat 22-Aug-09 17:09:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Sat 22-Aug-09 17:15:47

Admittedly it's a while since I bought a pattern but I thought that for £10 it would be Vogue, not Kwiksew!

Katymac Sat 22-Aug-09 17:35:50

I'm not sewing it thank goodness

A dress maker is <<Phew>>

I thought it was expensive but as it was nearly the same price on 2 or 3 sites I thought it must be right (iyswim)

Katymac Sun 23-Aug-09 20:39:21

Any suggestions where I might find it cheaper

chegirl Sun 23-Aug-09 20:55:26

Its quite hard to get patterns nowdays. Do you have a Rolls and Rems in your area? I am not sure if they are only in London but they tend to be pretty cheap. They may have a website.

I think 10 quid is v.dear. Agree with Mad that I would only expect that from a Vogue.
BTW when I was sewing (not done for ages) I pretty much only sewed with stretchy stuff. I find it easier (with a round head needle and zig zag stitch).

Katymac Mon 24-Aug-09 17:34:39

I don't think we have one of those nearby

I'l just have to order on-line sad

chegirl Mon 24-Aug-09 20:09:52

Aww never mind. A tenner is not too bad if you get a loverly frock out of it grin

Katymac Mon 24-Aug-09 20:57:51

2 actually - for DD

But the pattern is being changed quite a bit - I hope it works

White lace over white lycra bodice - short lycra skirt on the latin dress & long (very long) net/chiffon (?)skirt on the ballroom

& I hope white suits DD

chegirl Mon 24-Aug-09 21:44:13

I hope it works out and DD looks great!

I think getting two dresses out of it makes it much better value. Patterns are multi sized so depending on DD's age (patterns go from 0-3, 3-6 etc for eg) you could get years of use out of it.

Good luck.

Katymac Mon 24-Aug-09 22:36:44

& it's got to be cheaper than this or this

I hope hmm

chegirl Tue 25-Aug-09 21:03:18

Bloody Nora!

I would at least expect sequins for that sort of money shock

Katymac Tue 25-Aug-09 21:20:31

Dance teacher has over-ruled

Ballroom is white

Latin must be a strong vibrant colour

chegirl Tue 25-Aug-09 21:39:47

Are you sure you want to enter into this world grin

Katymac Tue 25-Aug-09 21:46:18


I don't

DH does

But dresses are my problem

I am the opposite of a stage mum - I say stuff like "Are you sure ou want to go?" & "Don't worry, it doesn't matter" But no DD is very good (6th in the country for her age & stage last year)


chegirl Tue 25-Aug-09 22:03:52

Wow! Go girly!

My SIL used to be into all this in Australia years ago. Her mum pulled her and brothers and sisters out after a while because it was soooo mad (think strictly ballroom). They had to be perma orange! Hopefully it isnt that bad anymore.

I love dance though and think its fantastic for kids. My DS1 who is now a huge, dreadlocked, rocker used to go to ballet. He was very good and predicted to go far. Then one summer his body changed from wirey and dance like to bloody great rugby player shock

I suppose ballroom has had a huge boost from that tv show?

Anyhow you had better start a bank account for all those frocks you are going to have to buy in the future (or learn to sew).

I wish DD all the best.

Katymac Wed 26-Aug-09 10:02:45

Thanks....I think wink

She might give up?

No permatan TG - DD is mixed race

DH has been a ballroom teacher since the ealry 90's so it was kinda preordained

ChristieF Mon 28-Sep-09 14:21:25

Sounds very expensive. I'd have thought half that price especially if it's tissue paper because it will tear easily.

FenLondon Mon 28-Sep-09 20:40:56

You could take a look at:

Patterns are usually around $5, but the downside is you'll need to spend some time downloading, printing,and transferring onto pattern paper. That said, I bought a Burda pattern and made a couple of versions of some overalls, with fresh pattern pieces each time.

Katymac Mon 28-Sep-09 20:48:41

Well it has made 2 dresses & there are another 2 due to be finished

The finished ones look fab

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