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how to make things for sylvanian families

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dikkertjedap Mon 17-Aug-09 12:18:19

DD has just become a member of the Sylvanian families collectors club and in the club magazine there were some Sylvanian newspapers to cut out and a newspaper bag to make plus instructions for weaving a vegetable crate and making vegetables (presumably from Fimo, but not sure, because didn't mention which material to use).

Would anyone know of any other things to make for Sylvanian families? Such as patterns for clothes or other things? Do you know of any website where I might find such things?

Thanks a lot

Boco Mon 17-Aug-09 12:26:16

This reminds me of dd1s suggesting of tying woodlice to the feet of her sylvanian characters to give them little walkie roller skates.

But if that is not to your taste, try some dolls house furniture making websites like

Grumpla Tue 01-Sep-09 19:44:16

Woodlice skates! GENIUS!!!

I spent a lot of time as a kid making stuff out of Fimo for my SF figures (who lived in my dolls house).

You can make very convincing food - which is really expensive to buy in dolls house shops etc

A good starter idea would be a fruit bowl - even very small kids can roll different colours into balls (orange, use end of a paperclip to dot all over, apple, one deeper dot at the top of a green ball, yellow sausages with the end pinched and then curled for banana etc) and you could help by making the 'bowl' for them to sit in.

Buying a little bottle of fimo varnish will make everything nice and shiny.

Often when you buy the packs of clay there are leaflets included with ideas and instructions for things to make.

One year I constructed an entire Christmas dinner... turkey, mince pies, veggies etc... oh I was a weird obsessive little thing...

Don't bother trying to paint them though - I never found a paint that worked well on Fimo. And set a timer. The stench of burnt Fimo - not nice.

troutpout Tue 01-Sep-09 19:56:39

oh the magazines are really good. We got a big pile handed to us secondhand last xmas and there was a complete set of nativity outfit patterns to make out of felt (and details of how to make a background) .
Dd (6) and (shush! he would kill if he knew i'd told everyone- ds (12) spent hours making
You could try and get back issues maybe? There was also a pattern to make a little bouncy castle (haven't done that one yet)

troutpout Tue 01-Sep-09 19:57:59

Can second the fimo for little bits and pieces too. They made food and cups and plates etc out of fimo

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