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Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:15:44

Have a look at this\link{http:

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:17:31

That didn't work I'll try again

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:21:01

Have a look at this

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:24:30

This might help with the 3D writing Whizz. I order nearly one of each last night so until they come I can't say whether they are any good or not, her stuff usally is.
This site also does a loyalty card.

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 09:27:46

Try this link instead.

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:27:53

Opps! Have patients I'll try again

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:28:27

Thanks SD

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 09:28:31

(have no idea why "" gets added in front of links sometimes)

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:29:02

I seriously need web training
Anyway what do you think

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 09:32:21

Oh, er... haven't actually looked at the link yet!!

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 09:33:14

Oh, the link is a long list of things - what in particular were you looking at?

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:36:09

I've got the two big ones made by another company and there great, dead handy for quicky, saves having to get the light box out.
I've order the happy birhtday one because it does horizontal & vertical

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:38:36

Yes that would help if I told you what to look at derrr The A6 dry embossing blocks "buy now" £2.99 & £3.25

Carolinett Fri 27-May-05 09:40:28


SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 15:27:24

Can't really comment on them really - I'm a compete novice

Carolinett Sat 28-May-05 09:48:42

Just received them this morning and they are brilliant especially the happy birthday both vertical & horizontal all of them the house the balloons etc

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