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More Knitting Questions (or WWTD?)

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NotQuiteCockney Thu 26-May-05 15:22:29

Ok, I have more knitting questions.

Is there an inverse relationship between softness of wool and durability? Are the really scratchy wools (I mean wools, not synthetic yarns) less likely to go fuzzy?

If you find a simple error a while ago in your knitting (a row is SS rather than reverse-SS), would you just drop the stitch and use a crochet needle to sort it out?

(WWTD = what would tamum do?, by the way)

tarantula Thu 26-May-05 15:27:42

Dunno about the wool questions but def yes to the last one. I do this all the time. I do not believe in unraveling unless its absolutely necessary. Im far to lazy for that

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