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Printing onto card... professional printers?

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geordieminx Wed 29-Jul-09 20:50:28

I'm making wee cards with the poems in that we are having at our wedding.

The cards are looking good, but the inside is horrendous. I have printed the poems onto paper, cut them out and have attempted to stick them on, but I have 40 to do and getting them straight/equal/not covered in glue is proving to be a nightmare.

So I was wondering is it possible to take the cards to a printer and have the poems professionally printed onto them... or is there an alternative to this that I havent thought of?

I'm not really very crafty, but am trying to do a few personal touches if you know what I mean?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

HolyGuacamole Thu 30-Jul-09 01:38:24

Part of the attraction of handcrafted items can be that they are not perfect like you'd buy in a shop but obviously with it being your wedding stationery, you want it to be as nice as possible smile

I'd recommend double sided sticky tape, the really thin stuff and that solves the glue problem. Just put a line of the tape along the top edge of the poem, leaving the rest unstuck, kind of like what you see on cards in the shops that have inserts inside them. Before you rip off the back of the sticky tape, place the poem where you want it (hold it in place with a ruler if that helps), hold it down and just lift the edge you are sticking and peel the backing tape off - voila.

You could print the poems onto the cards yourself but I think getting it right would drive you crazy - well if your printer is half as temperamental as mine is anyways wink

Good luck.

geordieminx Thu 30-Jul-09 14:06:34

Oooh double sided tape - now thats a good idea. Beats prit-stic. grin

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