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Framing baby shoes

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knittingmum Wed 29-Jul-09 16:07:22

Not sure which is the best topic for this one but.......

.....I'm trying to buy a frame to display DD first shoes in. So it needs to be a kind of box frame (3D?)
I've heard its possible to do this I just can't find anywhere to buy a frame. Has anyone tried this and can anyone suggest where I can get the frame?

Thanks girls x

kitkatqueen Wed 29-Jul-09 16:11:45

Hiya I've done dd's shoes and ds's, I used box frames from The Range. Pretty cheap, they are available in unvarnished pine so you can finish them yourself. HTH

PortBlacksandResident Wed 29-Jul-09 16:16:58

There seem to be quite a few on ebay

ButtercupWafflehead Wed 29-Jul-09 18:54:17

Lots in Wilkinsons!

knittingmum Wed 29-Jul-09 19:36:13

Great! Thanks everyone, I knew you'd know!

vInTaGeVioLeT Thu 30-Jul-09 00:37:16

ikea do lovely deep frames.

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