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Homemade Rub-down Transfers

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SoupDragon Fri 20-May-05 10:55:16

I've found my A4 acetate sheets and tried this trick from that Crafty Cheats freebie magazine thingy and it works!! Like magic! I couldn't believe it.

Create your transfer in something like Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Photoshop etc.

Put an acetate sheet in your printer and print your transfer - use BEST quality and remember to choose MIRROR IMAGE if it's important for your design to be the right way round.

Let it dry a bit (although I didn't bother and it still worked) and do NOT touch the print because it will come off.

Put the sheet ink side down on your card/whatever and rub the back with a lolly stick (or anything similar really) and remove the acetate. Voila!

You can then rub the acetate clean and use it again.

tarantula Fri 20-May-05 10:58:36

Oh that sounds good might have to try that I know Ive got soem acetate lurking somewhere.

SoupDragon Fri 20-May-05 10:59:16

I found mine in the loft! Apparently a "glossy page protector" works too but I have no idea what that is.

Jayzmummy Fri 20-May-05 11:33:03

Thanks for that....will have a play tonight.....also having a go at printing on I get in a mess!!!!

SoupDragon Fri 20-May-05 12:27:14

You have to wipe the remaining ink off with something wet btw. It doesn't seem to just brush off.

champs Fri 20-May-05 14:05:33

thanks!! will try later!!

Carolinett Fri 20-May-05 15:09:06

Thats a great idea to use on card off cuts that would go in the printer. Does it work on pearlised & glitter card?
If you don't know I'll try it when I get home and let you know.

hunkermunker Fri 20-May-05 15:18:41

"with something wet" - have you just found yet another use for baby wipes?

SoupDragon Fri 20-May-05 15:33:47

I don't think babywipes would work as they'd leave a film of lotiony stuff behind. I, er, just licked the corner of a clean tea towel I had to hand

Haven't tried to see if the ink transfers to pearlised paper - I would imagine it may not work well on some smooth papers for the same reason it makes a transfer on glossy acetate.

Jayzmummy - I wonder if you could print on acetate and then rub down onto ribbon...?

champs Sat 21-May-05 14:15:11

lol soupy... special dragon spit!!

SoupDragon Sat 21-May-05 16:26:37

Do you think that OHP slides are cheaper than buying acetate from a craft shop? (obviously mine are because they were <<ahem>> free, but I was wondering if office supply places would be a good source)

champs Sat 21-May-05 19:10:07

could be, best to do a quick comparison. although theyr'e quiet pricey too so not really helping you am I...
on a more helpfull note, I brought 100 sheets for £14.90 last year worked out rounded uo to 15p a sheet which was the best price I could find at the time.

SoupDragon Sun 22-May-05 09:56:53

Found some for £10 for 100 sheets (plus P&P I guess) and discovered that the colour ink jet slides I've got cost over £30 for 100. Eeek! Stil, made some lovely coloured acetate flowers

The rub down transfers don't work so well on textured paper btw. I went oer the text with a glittery gel pen and it looked fine though.

champs Sun 22-May-05 21:56:36

lol!! it all adds up huh
keep meaning to get me acetate out and do some stuff!! I'm gonna take a page out of dingle and others and make up a batch of cards..... soon

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