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Oil paint on canvas....????

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Lizzylou Wed 18-May-05 09:41:14

I have just painted 3 box canvases for DS's room (animals to fit in with jungle theme), I used oil paints, do I need to varnish them? If so, what type of varnish??
I am really pleased with them, they are my first efforts at this type of thing and don't want to ruin them!!!

Lizzylou Thu 19-May-05 10:40:47

Bump, anyone?????

ninah Thu 19-May-05 13:20:21

Yes, you should varnish them to protect them. But you must leave them to dry thoroughly first, and I mean weeks/months. You can get matt/gloss finish varnish you apply with a brush and I think you can get a spray version too, certainly you can get spray for acrylics, it's much easier to apply evenly. Do a couple of thin coats not one thick one. There are normally instructions on the bottle. If you are in/near London a great art supplier is Atlantis, Whitechapel tube. I guarantee if you go there you will be seduced into loads more painting!

Lizzylou Fri 20-May-05 14:14:57

Thanks Ninah, tho unfortunately I am in the northern wilderness, so my bank balance and home life can rest easy!
I really enjoyed it, I hadn't painted anything since art at school when I was 13!!!!!! One thing about age, it does increase your patience levels!!

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