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bridesmaid dress bows

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Wondermom Sat 14-May-05 10:41:08

Hi. Can anyone tell me the best silky material to buy to have waistbands and bows made at the back on my little bridesmaids dresses. I've been looking around for something that doesnt crease!! Originally I imagined an organza bow would be lovely but this creases really badly. Is there anything similar to organza that doesnt crease and if so, would this be suitable for making bows?? If not, could you suggest a nice silky fabric? I'm a complete novice!! Thanks.

champs Sat 14-May-05 14:03:36

hiya, organza wouldn't crease too much if it is just for the waistband/bow tuille is quite nice. I would suggest going to a material stall/shop and have a look and feel. I am not too sure of names of fabric so this is what I tend to do. also you can get some advice from the shop/stall.

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