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mummypig Sat 20-Jun-09 18:38:04

I need to buy a few bits and bobs for home crafty projects. I want to buy some mugs for decorating, some plain t-shirts and fabric crayons or pens for ds2's birthday party, plus some fusible webbing (bondaweb or heat'n'bond or similar) for a t-shirt that I am thinking of customising with applique, plus maybe a latch-hook and rug-making canvas.

I know I can get the mugs and fabric pens from Baker Ross, and I have found a site which seems to do quite cheap organic t-shirts, but is there a larger site where I could order all the stuff together?

Also, if you've used fabric crayons and fabric pens, which do you prefer? It's for the kids rather than me. Last time ds1 did a t-shirt I ended up colouring in most of his design, so I would like to avoid this situation this time round.

thanking you all smile

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