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Any ideas for handicraft items I could make to sell at a summer fair?

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Niecie Thu 18-Jun-09 12:52:53

It is in just over 3 weeks so I won't have time for big projects.

The general idea seems to be to make things for pocket money prices as the ladies organising the table seem to think children would be most interested.

So far, somebody has made little flags, heart shaped lavender bags, a few stuffed toys and shoe bags.

I have been thinking bookmarks, probably felt with applique flowers or something.

Also I have (if I can find it again) a pattern for little knitted purses.

Anything that boys would like as this is all quite girl orientated?

All ideas welcome.


Niecie Thu 18-Jun-09 12:54:13

Sorry - must have the shakes - I seem to have posted this thread twice.blush

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