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Making a snuggle-sac type thing

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3rdnparty Thu 18-Jun-09 10:17:06

hi, was thinking of trying to make one of thee for my wriggly DS (4) as seem expensive for just a rectangle of fleece ...

can sew seams but can't quite work out how much fabric a pattern.. esp if want to include a pillow he is 110cm long .... any ideas/experience......? thanks

GentleOtter Thu 18-Jun-09 10:27:13

Am watching this as I am going to try making one as well. I am having a job closing the zip of ds's snuggle sac.
I could not find anything on Google so will try to make a paper pattern from the existing sac and use velcro instead of a zip.

Miamla Thu 18-Jun-09 10:39:21

fabric varies in width but lets say you're sing this one
this one is 150cm wide
you say your son is 110 long but you'll need a bit of room at the end so lets say you make it 30cm longer, the finished sac will then be 140cm long. This will mean that you can use the width of the fabric to make it (don't forget you'll need to add a little bit to the pattern for seam allowances)

Now you need to decide how wide you want your sac to be. i haven't got any experience of 4yr olds but lets say you want it 70cm wide. You would need to buy a metre and a half of fabric (70cm for back, 70cm for front and then add 1.5cm for every seam)

hmm, going by these numbers, you could have the pattern going parallel to the cut edge or perpendicular to it. choice would be yours, only really makes a difference if you're using a fleece with a pattern

hope this helps, sorry for quick (probably jumbled) reply but i'm meant to be painting a design on a tshirt for my DP's birthday!

feel free to ask me if i haven't made any sense!

3rdnparty Thu 18-Jun-09 22:47:08

Miamla , thanks think I can make that work...will probabaly go for plain fleece as don't have to think about matching... not sure about fastening ..had just assumed zip ...Gentleotter what problems are you having my sewing not fantastic so do you think just bits of velcro fastening or a full length???

Miamla Fri 19-Jun-09 06:56:40

i think a zip would be more cosy, no? personally i hate the velcro on my sleeping bag, the rough side always seems to scratch me hmm

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