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New Home Card

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kkgirl Tue 10-May-05 13:33:40

I've just made a new home card for a girl at work who is moving house on Thursday.
I based it on a design from a magazine, but would appreciate honest feedback as to whether it is good enough to send.
If anyone is about could you have a look in the gallery under kkgirl

champs Tue 10-May-05 14:13:17

looks lovely. reminds me of beach huts. I like the pastel colours.

link takes me to myyahoo btw.

kkgirl Tue 10-May-05 14:17:37


Thanks for having a look at it, I wasn't feeling too confident about it, I've not done any chalking before.

I couldn't work out how to do the link!!

Dingle Tue 10-May-05 14:29:53

AS soon as I read this, I pictured the card in the mag. I thoughtit was such a simple, effective design! I have made up some embellishments for my own variation of the design, but they are still sitting in storage box ATM!

Love the colours, the chalks are very effective kkgirl.

kkgirl Tue 10-May-05 14:35:07

Thanks Dingle

I was a bit stuck as I don't have any rubber stamps or anything on the house move theme. I drew the houses freehand and cut them out, it seemed really easy, but when I had finished, I wasn't too sure. Glad you like it anyway.

champs Tue 10-May-05 23:22:22

i've just started with chalks too. I took a sub with a mag and the chalks came free. have you got a veramark or clear ink pad? The chalk goes really well on top of a stamped image.

kkgirl Fri 13-May-05 12:43:24


No I haven't got around to getting a clear pad yet, will have to do that. The girl I made it for looked at it briefly and then say oh thanks, without any comment that it was hand crafted. I did feel rather deflated but thought she was probably too stressed over the move to look at it properly!!

MandM Fri 13-May-05 12:51:07

Well I thought it looked brilliant kkgirl. She'll probably really appreciate once she's all setled and has time to look at her cards properly and see that yours is the best!
BTW, the Versamark inkpads are brilliant but the Versamark pen is also really really worth having. it's got a fine tip at one and like a thicker brush type marker at the other and only costs about £2-£3. Mine has lasted for ages. I saw on create and craft the other day the same sort of idea but in a range of different colours - they are going to be my next investment!

kkgirl Fri 13-May-05 12:54:24

The pen sounds really good, I would like that as well.
Thanks for the positive feedback, see my thread about lacking inspiration if you have time.

champs Fri 13-May-05 17:24:38

kkgirl -- well she prob thought it was brought as it was so nice, not being silly, really mean it. I find that some people dont realise that I have made the cards I give them so they dont comment on them per se. My mum knows I make cards so she always asks if I made it. Take it as a compliment.

MandM -- agree, the pen is very good too, I got the set and really do like them. I also have a clear embossing pen which is good but I do like the watermak effect that the versamark make.

Dingle Mon 23-May-05 11:57:06

kkgirl, I have loaded a new home card which I made, also inspired from the same card in the mag. I made up the embellishments from small offcuts of shrink plastic. Only got around to making up the card at the weekend though!

oo yeah, it's in "all new!"

Carolinett Mon 23-May-05 13:00:22

Dingle the house card is great. the black & white ribbon makes it look really classy.

kkgirl Mon 23-May-05 20:51:12


Thats really good Dingle, the black and white looks gorgeous, really effective. I love your Girls just wanna card too thats really funky.

How is your little one today?

Dingle Mon 23-May-05 20:59:22

DS was sick again last night, so he was off school today. He seems better and will hopefully go back tomorrow! But....

....dd was sick this evening, so she can't go to nursery tomorrow! I just hope things are all OK by Wednesday, as I have 2 appointments with her and then another on Friday. Going to lock myself out tin the conservatory for an hour now to make some cards and switch off for a while before I collapse into bed! I'm not feeling too great either!

I enjoyed making the card, just by using different colours really made a change for me! I've just ordered some more of the gingham ribbon too!

kkgirl Tue 24-May-05 07:40:55


Sorry to hear both the children have been poorly, and hope you aren't going down with it.

Do they sell the gingham ribbon in other colours, that card would look good in other colourways, I've got red stuck in my head for some reason.

Carolinett Tue 24-May-05 09:12:24

I was that impressed with the black & white gingham ribbon I order some of ebay last night.

I was of course more impressed with the card.

Jayzmummy Tue 24-May-05 11:33:03

I use the black and white gingham quite a lot and have found it to be one of the most attrctive ribbons you can add to almost any card.

Ive noticed that they are using it quite a lot in some of the scrap booking mags that I buy.....its funny how card making and scrapbooking go through fashion trends isnt it?

Dingle Tue 24-May-05 12:16:41

that is envy, that is green around the gills emoticon!!! Yes, I've gone and caught the sickness lurgie!! DD was sick last night, and I was sick during the night. She is now curled up on the settee fast asleep and neither of us have had anything to eat!!

The gingham comes in a few colours, but I tend to stick to black, red, and lilac. I tried dying the black and red with tea to make it more cream and folk like IYSWIM.

Dingle Tue 24-May-05 12:17:20

oh dear, that should have been " it isn't envy!"

Jayzmummy Tue 24-May-05 12:21:41

On No you poor lovey....take care and I hope you are soon back to feeling your normal self.xxxxx

Dingle Tue 24-May-05 12:22:29

Haven't been my "normal" self for years!

Carolinett Tue 24-May-05 12:49:32

They sold black & cream on the site I bought the black & white 50p a meter.
See if I can find the link if you want, thats in between you looking after the children & throwing up yourself.
Hope you & yours are feeling well soon these virus don't usually last long.
Anyway you haven't time to be ill you've cards to create

kkgirl Tue 24-May-05 16:13:54


Would like the link if you have it please?

Dingle Tue 24-May-05 16:20:04

I don't know what thickness you get Carolinette, but I buy mine here 5mm wide is only 35p per meter but colours are restricted.

Carolinett Tue 24-May-05 18:43:24


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