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What can I make with..............

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SPARKLER1 Mon 09-May-05 21:54:17

...........some small white plastic bottles. Ones that had kids yohurt drinks in them at one time. Got loads and wondered if there would be a good craft I could use them for.

hi5 Mon 09-May-05 22:01:40

How about a windmill?

SPARKLER1 Mon 09-May-05 22:02:57

WOW - a windmill???

hi5 Mon 09-May-05 22:08:10

I'm thinking - garden windmill on a cane or stick (like those massive fireworks), cork - drink wine first, stuff into ends of bottles, fix cork onto round wooden disk, or lid of washing liquid/ conditioner bottle, think of way to fix lid to wood in order for it to rotate freely. Bottles could have fins attached to increase surface area and catch wind, bits of ribbon... still thinking ummm ummm

SPARKLER1 Mon 09-May-05 22:09:15

blimey - these bottles of mine are very small.

makealist Mon 09-May-05 22:10:22

mini skittles

SPARKLER1 Mon 09-May-05 22:11:13

Sounds good

hi5 Mon 09-May-05 22:13:33

Good idea.
you would need about 6 or 7 of those little bottles to make the windmill I reckon.

Miaou Mon 09-May-05 22:50:43

Could you paint them and turn them into toy soldiers?

SoupDragon Tue 10-May-05 08:22:33

Our toddler group made vases of flowers (paper flowers stuck on pipe cleaners and put in pot) and last week we made shakers (filled them with lentils and covered the top with elastic band and cellophane then covered over with glued tissue paper)

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